Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Went over to my brothers small holding on sunday to sort out some of his many trees,

Putting him to work, he's got a bit of firewood to sort out now, its only willow but it'll burn and the price is right

Sunday, 15 February 2015

More Pruning

Some more fruit tree pruning this week

This was a cluttered 'Newton Wonder' a good cooker apparently 

After - a good thin of the centre and some of the lower scaffold branches, as well as reducing the height. 

Shame it was a bit of a wet day

Made wetter by the fact we had some suckers on a willow to remove, luckily the customers had some waders for us to use. Also I made Jack do it, which made it much better! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lots to chip

Had a big job on last week, definitely one of the biggest domestic jobs I've done to date, not in terms of size of tree more to do with volume of wood chip we had to remove from site. For some reason I forgot to get a before picture of the trees, so it was a solid wall of trees and the next few photos are after we had started and removed a couple already.

It was a row of 7 Western red cedars, but some were composed of multiple stems

The main access was down a fairly narrow footpath/track that we had to keep open to the public, luckily my truck and chipper are fairly narrow so we could keep it parked there and people could still get past, although we lucked out as we only saw one person every morning!

This enabled us to get the truck right under the trees, minimising the drag.

As you can see, they had a pretty big spread

Halfway there

Brought in an extra climber, meaning there was two of us in the trees and 3 on the ground, Its amazing what you can get done with 5 guys on site!

We were pretty lucky with the weather

By the end of day 2 we had all the brash off and just a few of the stems left to deal with

After a couple of hours on day 3 we managed to squeeze a tractor and grain trailer in to take away the timber 

First of 2 loads

Some of the wood chip we took away 

Day 4 after we shifted 2 full truck loads of sawdust and sweepings 

Definitely improved the view

Just some of what we took away

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Horse Chestnut take down

Got called in to help a couple of friends with a biggish job they'd picked up.

I was just there for the day with the goal of getting the tree down in a day, as the guys were coming back the following day to split the remaining wood and tidy up.

It was quite alot of tree to get down in one day

And although there was a clear drop zone, the ground was quite wet and the lawn tidy, so we still had to rigg about 70% of the brash and larger diameter timber 

Chipped all the brash, luckily this way staying on site, just had to be tipped at the bottom of a rough bit of ground, the landy earning its keep again

Finished for the day, started with the sun coming up and finishing up as it was going down

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dead Lawson Fell

Had this large dead Lawson cypress to fell just before Christmas

A little tricky as it was right next to a road and within a few metres of some power lines 

It was multi stemmed and we managed to fell a few of the smaller stems before dismantling the largest stem 

knocked about 20ft out of the top when there was a lull in the wind 

With that the tree felt a bit safer (it had been dead for a while) and I could then dismantle the rest down to about 15ft 

Then fell the stem away from the road

Just the chipping left to do...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter Work

Spent a weekend before Christmas helping out a couple of friends and some jobs of there own they had on

First up was a fairly straight forward leylandii fell, only made tricky by the sheer volume of wood chip, good job most of it was staying on site

Next was a huge oak to remove a couple of large limbs overhanging some chicken sheds

With the limbs removed the tree can now be felled away from the sheds, but probably won't happen until the field behind has dried out a bit

Definitely a land centric weekend, My 130, Alex's 110 and Jamie's 90