Friday, 25 February 2011

Chainsaw mill

Finally got my chainsaw mill up and running this week, got the saw a couple of weeks ago and its been sat there taunting me whilst I waited for the mill to arrive. I decided to buy one made by a small engineering firm based in Wales, mostly to save myself the extra money it would have cost to get a Granberg mk III, which is what I have used previously. It is not the best quality piece of equipment I've ever used, maybe three times as heavy as the Granberg and had to be altered slightly before I could even use it, due to some dodgy welding and bent metal! fortunately it was only a minor alteration and it was soon ready to go.
I had a lump of ash up the field that has been sat for about 5 years, Been meaning to do something with it for ages, so thought that I would make myself a rustic bench, although ash is not very weather proof I didn't want to waste my oak on my first go!

I cut the board to length and then split it with wedges following a natural crack in the wood, this would provide the seat and backrest to the bench, then the off cuts became the 'legs' of the bench, with the boards notched into them and held in place with seasoned oak pegs.  
Then I set about smoothing all the edges, especially the ones that had been split, This was done with draw knife and push knife, The timber is surprisingly wet considering the log has been sat for 5 years, although wood doesn't dry out much when its left in the round, so this may split and deform as it drys out. Only time will tell, still its only a prototype and once its stained will no doubt end up in my mums garden!

I'm quite pleased with how it came out, and all told probably took me about 4-5 hours to make, which isn't to bad for a first attempt, although its not the finest craftsmanship, especially as the chainsaw played quite a major part!

Don't think I'll get a chance to do any more milling for a few weeks, as I start a job next week that should last 3 weeks or so, as well as 3 days dead wooding in sherwood forest, and most of my weekends are occupied as well, still can't complain, it's always good to be busy.