Monday, 14 February 2011

Interesting trees

Today I took down several interesting trees, the first was a dead Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia) Quite a large tree leaning out over the garden, not especially difficult to take down, think we had it on the deck by half 9. There was nothing particularly remarkable about this tree, that was until I started spiking up and notice that there were a couple of largish burrs on the trunk. This was something that I haven't seen on a robinia before (or not noticed) and once we were ringing the trunk up I couldn't resist taking a couple of them, either for me to carve into a bowl, or for my brother to turn on his power lathe.

Robinia burrs

The second tree to come down was a small yew (taxus baccata) Again this was a nothing tree that took minutes to take down, was a shame really as there was nothing really wrong with the tree, the customer just didn't like it, had it of been my job I would have tried to pursued her to keep it! but thats the trouble with being a sub contractor, its not really your place to say.

The  third tree was one that was plainly obvious why it had to come down, it growing against and old stone wall, full of dead wood and absolutely choked out with ivy and honey suckle (a tree climbers nightmare!) this one was also a yew, but a lot bigger with some nice sized lumps of wood in. I managed to nab one of these before it all got cut up and chucked in a heap!

This will get planked into boards once I get my chainsaw mill up and running, as I am currently waiting for delivery of a Stihl 880 and an alaskan saw mill, so that I can make futher use of all the wood that ends up back at the farm. Either for creating turning blanks, or boards to be used when making rustic furnature, floor boards or...well the possibilities are endless!  

Got another yew tree to climb tomorrow, only this one isn't coming down, just being reduced.