Thursday, 17 February 2011

My first bowl

I decided to treat myself this week by buying myself a Hans Karlsson gauge adze. Although a bit extravagant (over £100) I had come to the conclusion that I was better off spending more and ensuring I get a quality item. I was not disappointed, the adze has an unmistakable quality to it that you could never get from a mass produced tool.

I'd wanted to buy one for some time, having made various things out of wood; spoons, tools handles coffee tables etc... I'd never really considered rustic bowls until I came across Robin Woods blog and the bowl carving courses he runs. So firstly I knocked myself up a bowl carving bench (designs on Robin Woods blog) A relatively simple design but very effective, as with most wood work half the battle is positioning and clamping of the work.  

A split log is placed in the clamp and held in place with opposing wedges, enabling the bowl to be hollowed out with the adze in a safe manner, with no movement in the blank at all. the bowl is hollowed out first as this is the point when it needs to be most secure, once the inside has been carved out the outside of the bowl can then be worked on, first with the axe, then push knife.
This one didn't come out as planed, so I tried another with the blank facing split end up, I'm quite please with it so far, although it needs a bit more work to finish it effectively, not sure what tool I should be using to finish the inside, maybe a curved gauge with a large sweep? always another tool to buy....

As I said, still not finished, no prizes for guessing the species