Friday, 15 April 2011

Feel good work

Got to spend the day doing one of my favourite activities today; planting trees, admitidely they are trees destined to be cut as a hedge, but still trees! about 700 of them, with roughly the same going in tomorrow.

It is a little bit late in the year to be planting bare root trees, but as they already been lifted we decidied to get them into the ground, they are being planted to fill in some pretty substantial gaps in a hedge round a small wood. With the idea of letting them grow up for 10 - 15 years before pleaching them.

The trees are predominently hawthorne, with hazel, field maple, spindle and sloe mixed in to add diversity. I get alot of satisfaction from planting something like this, I think in part its because you know its going to be there for a long time, If its well looked after then it will live for potentailly hundreds of years, also I always joke with people that it evens out my 'tree karma' i.e the number of trees I've cut down compared to the number that I've planted/helped!