Saturday, 2 April 2011


I've cut down alot of trees in the last month or so, and as part of the job I've ended up with most of the wood, some I've sold in cord length straight off the field, and some I'll be stacking up to season in the round for a while (untill i get around to it!) and some I have cut and split by hand where the trees fell and then loaded staight into the trailer. I've done it this way to reduce the amount of times i have to handle each log, also when the logs are on the ground all lined up freshly cut I recon I could almost keep up with a log processer!

My first boss always used to say to me 'you'll make money doing firewood, not alot, but you will make money' Selling firewood isn't something I ever intended to do alot of, but with fuel prices as they are its at a real premium, and I've got alot of wood so I may as well sell it! especially if I try and do as much as I can out of my normal working hours.

Fortunately living on a farm I've got the space to store it to allow it to season, as this will not be ready to sell for 12 months or so.

Over the years I've split alot of logs, My first propper job was cutting and splitting firewood in the woods, with the odd bit of agricultural fencing here and there, I did this for almost 12 months untill I passed all my climbing and chainsaw qualifications and moved on to a larger tree surgery firm. So I've used a few differant axes to split wood, from cheep fibreglass handled mauls to traditional english felling axes and I can say with some confidance that the Gransfors splitting maul puts them all to shame.

Its built with the usual quality and care of all there tools, and feels very solid, almost indistructable, the steel collar to protect the top of the handle works really well, as this is always the bit that suffers when splitting alot of wood. The handle length is just about right, could maybe do with a couple more inches if I had to find fault with it, but the weight and balance are perfect. So much so that after a couple of days splitting with it I was able to split pretty well left handed with it, something I'm not normally very good at, although I did this partly to allow my hand to recover from a sore spot that had developed from excessive splitting!

Looking forward to some climbing jobs I've got next week, feet have been on the ground too long!