Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rustic Garden furniture

Had a couple of spare days this week due to a customer rearranging some scheduled work, so thought I'd have a play with my Alaskan mill and make some rustic furniture.

The oak I was milling was hardly green, been down for about 5 years and all the sap wood had rotted away, but the heart wood that was left was still solid as anything. Though that did make it quite hard work to mill.

Not wanting to restrict myself to just sawn timber, some bits I decided to cleave.

Really pleased with how this one came out, quite different to anything I've made before. 

Was even more pleased when I sold it this afternoon to someone we rent ground off down the road, must be the quickest I've ever sold anything! The seat and back to this one are ash by the way, not the oak I was milling.

This one has oak uprights and ash seat and back, the picture doesn't show the contrast very well.

Not quite finished yet, still needs a bit more work, smoothing corners and reducing the splinter factor!
Two quite different styles of bench here but I really enjoy playing round with the different techniques involved, still learning at the end of the day so its always good to experiment.