Monday, 18 April 2011

Salad and a spade

Had to work this Sunday, starting at the hideously early hour of 6 (railway clearance work) but luckily we'd finished by lunch and I could spend the rest of the day in my work shop.

These are a couple of salad servers I was asked to make and have been meaning to do for a while now

Carved from apple, they came from the same log that had a natural curve in it, which is identical in both of them so they feel like a set. These I finished with Claphams Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish, which gets a nice shine to them and is food safe to boot.

Then in contrast to these I re handled and restored an old army shovel for bushcrafty purposes (digging fire pits, cooking on etc.) nice and small so as easily carried into the woods.

Instead of a T bar handle I opted instead to taper it up to a curved top, so as it can be shoved down the inside of a rucksack

A fairly simple job, the worst bit was getting the layers of paint off the metal so it could potentially be used as a make shift frying pan without tainting the food!