Saturday, 21 May 2011

Carved bowl

Just finished a carved bowl made from a large lime tree I crown raised a few weeks ago, roughed out with an adze, axe and carving chisel I then let it dry for a couple of weeks in saw dust so as it didn't dry out too quickly and crack.

roughed out
Then I sanded it down and finished with wax, I know alot of people rave on about leaving a tooled finish and how sand paper is cheating, and in some respects they are right, but I am never satisfied with the finish I am able to get with just edge tools. I'll get there eventually I'm sure, but until then I'll stick to the sand paper!

sanded and waxed finish

Also had a spare hour to finally get around to cleaning my workshop, you know you've left it to long when you fill an entire ton bag with shavings!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A slightly more traditional rustic bench

Made another bench last night (cant seem to stop making them at the moment! will have to do some carving again soon!) decided to use the mortise and tenon style again, only this time trying to make it a bit more refined with tighter joints and the whole thing travished as appose to just the seat and back

the tapered peg gives a really solid fit, and can be tightened as the wood moves

Friday, 13 May 2011

A tooled finish

A few weeks ago I went to Yandles wood fair, down in Somerset. Whilst there I came across James Mursell of the The windsor workshop, he had with him some beautifully made travishers of his own design. Whilst this tool is designed for hollowing\smothing out the seat of a Windsor chair, I had other plans for it.

It works kind of like a plane crossed with a spoke shave, the blade is hand forged by Ben Orford and came devilishly sharp. The main purpose I wanted it for was to remove the marks left by my chainsaw mill when planking wood for rustic furniture


I don't necessarily want to have a completely smooth surface but this kind of rough sawn look isn't the best, however, spending a few minutes skimming against the grain with the travisher gives a really nice warm tooled finish

Without having to use a power tool or sand paper. 

close up of tooled finish

Some pictures of a bench I finished earlier this week, It wasn't cheap, but I think it was worth the investment, specially as i find myself using it for all sorts of things now, even smoothing the base of a carved bowl last night! (pictures soon)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Birch Kuska

Finally got around to finishing a Birch kuska I started ages ago

Hollowed it out with my adze on the bowl carving bench

Then roughed it out with an axe, before finishing with carving knife, sand paper and linseed oil, didn't have a patience for a tooled finish today!