Saturday, 21 May 2011

Carved bowl

Just finished a carved bowl made from a large lime tree I crown raised a few weeks ago, roughed out with an adze, axe and carving chisel I then let it dry for a couple of weeks in saw dust so as it didn't dry out too quickly and crack.

roughed out
Then I sanded it down and finished with wax, I know alot of people rave on about leaving a tooled finish and how sand paper is cheating, and in some respects they are right, but I am never satisfied with the finish I am able to get with just edge tools. I'll get there eventually I'm sure, but until then I'll stick to the sand paper!

sanded and waxed finish

Also had a spare hour to finally get around to cleaning my workshop, you know you've left it to long when you fill an entire ton bag with shavings!