Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fathers day

This fathers day I decided to make my dad something instead of buying the usual generic stuff. He'd mentioned to me a while ago that he had broken the handle on his favourite splitting axe.

Not only was it his favourite it also had added sentimental value in that it was the first thing he ever brought from a farm sale over 30 years ago. And since then my dad has been to hundreds of farm sales.

I started off with some ash that I split a couple of months ago, I like to make handles with almost seasoned ash as although it is a little harder to work you can get a better finish and it there is less chance of the wood shrinking and the head falling off, as when I make them from green ash I never have the patience to wait for it to dry properly!

Once it was roughed out I smoothed it off with a spoke shave and then sanded it down

The axe was pretty blunt, with some big chips out of it, I had to first grind it down, before filling and then using some diamond stones to finish it off, I didn't spend to much time honing the edge as its only going to be used as a splitter.

And the finished article

I went for a straight handle again, as I prefer this style (see post- A stronger Axe?). I Went for quite a chunky handle as its going to get some abuse and I want it to last a few years! Quite please with the out come though, especially as this is the first full sized handle I've made.