Wednesday, 1 June 2011

More Firewood

This year rather than sell firewood in old builders sacks I decided to standardise it and buy a job lot of ventilated log bags.

Doing it this way I can ensure everyone gets the same amount of logs, and as the bags are perforated with these slits it means they wont sweat and start to go mouldy if they are left in the bags too long.

Also I've got alot of logs to store for the winter, and as they are currently occupying a grain shed that will be needed fairly soon I need to get them bagged up and moved out of the way

Came up with a way of using some old paint trestles and a couple of lengths of 3x2 to hold the bags upright whilst I fill them, this way I can fill 5 at a time without having to touch the bags.

Quite a nice job to do for a couple of hours when I get home from work that doesn't involve too much thinking, good when your not feeling very creative but still want to be productive!