Friday, 15 July 2011

Birch spoon

I sometimes go though stages where I feel uninspired and not very creative, especially if I've had a hard week at work and really can't be bothered to do anything in an evening.

And sometimes all it takes to inspire me is a tree, and a log like this one from a birch tree I cut down today. It wasn't an especially difficult tree although it was about as big as a birch gets and half of it was overhanging a static caravan, but there was a nice big drop zone the other side and it ended up being a really fun tree to do. And the whole time we were doing it i was thinking that I'm going to take some of this home and carve a spoon tonight as very few woods are as nice to carve as green birch.

And it really doesn't get much greener!

The log looked like it was fairly straight grained, but once I started cleaving it down it became apparent that it wasn't, undeterred I decided to work with the grain instead of fighting it and ended up with a very wiggely handle! I kind of like it, and they do say there are no straight lines in nature.