Monday, 25 July 2011

Firewood again

With summer now in full swing the barn where I had been storing some of my firewood is going to soon be needed for storing grain, so I took the opportunity today to have a bit of a shuffle and move it all to somewhere where it wont be in the way. Fortunately the bags are quite stable so I was able to stack them up quite high, I also made sure that the older wood was stacked so as it gets used first. 

There is about 50 bags here, which is all the bags I've got at the moment, but there is more in some bulk trailers so hopefully I wont be running out anytime soon!

With plans to sell alot of wood this winter I wanted something more effective and efficient than dragging the bags off the back of the trailer, which as well as being hard work tended to wreck the bags.

I had an idea in my mind to use an engine hoist with a hand pump to lift the bags up then I could pivot it round and drop it down on the ground. I mentioned this to my dad and after a few phone calls he came up with something much better.

We managed to get hold of a very reasonably priced Hi-ab, which I stripped down and painted up. The mechanic who works for my dad than fitted this to an indespension plant trailer I brought for the purpose. It is powered by a 24v hydraulic pump and is capable of lifting up to 3/4 of a ton, which is way more than the bags weigh.

I have to admit, it is way more than I initially thought I needed, but they have a tendency to over do things here and I'm definitely not complaining as this will prove to be very useful!

It is possibly to get 6 bags on the trailer, stacking 3 more on top, but I find most people don't want this many in one go anyway, but is handy for multiple deliveries 

For especially heavy lifts it even has a small ram that can be pulled out and extended to support the trailer. This ram can then be move to the front of the trailer to lift it on and off the ball hitch, as with the weight of the pump, hi-ab and 2 leisure batteries it becomes way to heavy to lift off with a standard jockey wheel.

Just need to start selling some wood now!