Saturday, 2 July 2011

Go ape container building - week 1

As part Of Go Apes growing development they have started to move into other areas of recreation within a forest setting. This initially started with Forest Segway and now bike hire. All this week we have been turning 3 shipping containers into a building that can be used for safe storage of the bikes as well as a reception/shop.

But we wanted to avoid them looking like shipping containers as they wouldn't really blend in with the surroundings and would go against the image go ape like to maintain.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, only had my phone this week.

Crane maneuvering containers into place. trying to get these square and level was a nightmare!

using a telehandler to position the trusses. We prefabed these back at our yard a few weeks ago

installing the ridge pole and rafters

Plying the roof

Managed to get alot done this week, but we were on sight till 7/8ish most days so we were all feeling it by the end of the week. But as opening day is next Friday we still have got alot to do. The roof needs finishing with 4 velux windows to be installed, then there is the space between the containers that needs a floor putting in and the ceiling to do as well as the patio doors and cladding the whole thing and well the list goes on! may well be a few more long days next week.