Monday, 11 July 2011

Go Ape container building - week 2

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the whole week and didn't see the job completed, and due to time constraints I think there are still a few things to finish off, but by the time I left on Thursday lunchtime it definitely didn't look like shipping containers anymore! We'd had another hard week at it, putting in some 11 and 12 hour days trying to get it ready to open on Friday, and whilst it wasn't 100% finished they did serve some customers on Friday, so we all counted it as a success!

Cladding the rear of the structure

Velux in and roof going down 

Cladding the front, before the roller shutter door was installed

The 'nearly finished product' not bad for 2 weeks work,

This was definitely one of the more interesting jobs I've had to do for Go Ape, I quite like the concept of a building based around shipping containers, especially in this situation where security is the main goal, and once the shop is fully fitted out inside there is very little evidence of what lies under its timber skin. 

Oscar had definitely had enough by the end of the second week, we were all feeling it!