Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Another dead eucalyptus

Just a few photos taken of me dismantling a dead eucalyptus

It died back in the early spring, I've had to take down quite a few of these this year and must have seen dozens of other dead ones. I think the hard winter we experienced was to blame, these are after all non native trees that are used to much warmer climates 

Tying a running bowline onto the branch to pull it away from the lines

Quite a nice 'action' shot,  I made a felling cut in this branch to control the direction then as it breaks off the stump I use its momentum to fling it the other side of the fence below

close up of above photo

It was quite a windy day and as there were power lines the other side we had to use ropes to control the direction of some of the branches

nearly there!

A nice little job to finish of a busy day, the brash was staying on site so in all it only took just over an hour, not bad considering there was a fence to avoid as well as the adjacent power lines