Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Giant Wellingtonia

A few weeks ago I got to climb a species of tree I've want to climb ever since I got into the industry. well actually I have worked on a couple of small ones, but never had the oppertunity to climb one anything like the size of this one. 

 I was climbing the tree as part of some freelance climbing work I've been doing lately. We were not doing any work to it at this stage, mearly inspecting it for any major physiological or structural defects. Which basically ment that I got to spend the morning climbing round a massive tree, always good fun!

View from the very top

 I estimate the tree to be about 120ft to the top, which definately makes it the tallest tree I've ever climbed. Especially as I could climb right to the very top and actually poke myself out of the tree, not something that most tree structures lend themselve to.

It was quite an interesting tree to climb as the branches tend to drop down from where they attach to the trunk, meaning the rope slides down the branch as you assend it.

What I find even more amazing is that this tree is only a baby compared to some of the monsters in America, some have been measured at over 300ft tall and over 50ft wide which kind of puts things in prespective. Still a pretty cool thing to be paid to do though, and definately a big tree for England!