Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sunny saturday

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, logging up a limb that had fallen out of a massive beech tree in the grounds of some customers of mine. The sun was shining and it was pretty peaceful, apart form the chainsaw of course!
phone photos - not the best!
Definitely one of the biggest beech trees I've seen in a while, got a feeling its days are somewhat numbered though, as they are not known for their longevity and this ones form does not help, it is massively off balance with a huge amount of weight leaning out to the side.

The large limb to the left is where I'd put my money on the tree failing, huge amounts of weight coming from a potentially week branch union

Remedial works could potentially rectify this, or as least pros pone the inevitable, but they would have to be quite severe and with ancient trees like this I'm frequently inclined to let them age gracefully, rather than hack them about to much. Its had a good run if its going to fail then let it and plant a new one when its gone. Especially as this one is in the middle of a field and can do no harm.