Friday, 4 November 2011

Oak Slabs

not much to look at

Finished work at lunch time today , so thought I'd spend the afternoon milling a big lump of oak that's been sat around up the field for years, didn't look like much with the bark half missing and the sap wood as good as gone, but I knew the heart wood would be good.

definitely looks better on the inside

And it was

Pretty hard going, as I'm pretty sure its been down about 10 years now, so isn't what you'd call green. It was also on the limit of what I can mill with my current set up. and I had to slice the sides off to get it to that. unfortunately only managed 4 boards before rain stopped play, Will have to finish it off tomorrow. Looking forward to when its seasoned and I can make something out of some 28" x 4" slabs!