Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Large Pine tree

We dismantled a large Corsican pine today, (Pinus nigra) one of the biggest trees I've done for a while, in terms of volume of timber. It was a fairly straight forward job, although we lowered 90% of the branches off to avoid any unnecessary damage to the lawn as well as the fact that there was a septic tank not far away we wanted to avoid.

9 o'clock

11 o'clock
Once the branches were stripped off it was a simple but exhausting matter of chogging the wood down in sections onto a mat of brash we had piled up under the tree. This not only protects the lawn but also stops the logs rolling away and doing any damage. Which is pretty important when some of the lumps of wood weighed in excess of 100kg 
1 o'clock
The stem was taken down in 2 - 3ft sections till it was at a height where we could fell it in a manageable lump.

3 o'clock (had to stop for lunch and empty the truck)
Then we had to break out the big saw to ring the stem and make it possible to actually move it. This will end up as firewood at some point, but it will need seasoning for a good while. We were quite glad the customer wanted to keep the wood as it would have been quite a few loads on the old transit!
4 o'clock

good sized pile of wood

approximately 115 growth increments
 The photos don't show the extent of the lean that the tree had, or how close it was to the main road, I think if it was my tree I would have been inclined to take it down as well. It is always a shame when big trees have to be removed, but somethings aren't worth the risk. And as a small compensation the beech behind it will hopefully make a much nicer tree now it has less competition and some space to re balance itself.