Thursday, 3 November 2011

Winter time

Partly from being so busy and partly from lack of inspiration I've just not felt that creative lately but with the clocks changing and it being dark when I get home from work I've found myself drawn back to the workshop this week.

Anyone who follows my brothers blog - Sawdust in my socks  will know that he has a habit of buying tools, lots of tools! and as a result he's brought himself a selection of sledge hammers, all different weights and sizes, and all in need of a new handle, no prizes for guessing who'll be doing that then!

Well here's the first one, nice clean butt ash, cleft down and left to season before being carved.

 I prefer working my tool handles like this as the wood has already done its warping and twisting and I can re heave it as soon as I've finished it, as I always hate having to let it dry sufficiently.

Also got around to having a play with some walnut from a tree I cut down a couple of months back

Thinking one half of a salad server set, I love the contrast between the heart wood and sap wood. Not sure if I am 100% happy with the tooled finish, I'm hoping it'll grow on me.