Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mobile sawmill

 I have been hunting around for a decent reasonably priced mobile sawmill for a while now and at the end of last week I found a gem, its second hand, but only a few years old with not much work under its belt. I took a gamble and brought it without going to see it as it was up in Newcastle and would have involved a 10 hour round trip, but I didn't need to worry as the machine is very tidy.

It came on Friday and unfortunately I had to work yesterday morning and then sort some firewood out so I only had a couple of hours to have a play with it, which isn't really long enough to get my head round the ins and outs.

I've got a bit of time over the next few weeks to mill some more and become a bit more proficient with the aim that I can eventually hire myself out to small woodland owners who want to add value to there timber without the added costs of haulage, as well as milling interesting pieces that I get from work. I'm also fairly sure my brother is almost more excited by the prospect than me!

Its not snowing, that's sawdust!

Like I said I didn't have that much time to play but I was able to knock out these sycamore boards fairly quickly and I think once I've had a bit more practise I should be able to cut timber at a fairly decent pace.