Monday, 9 January 2012

Big dead Hornbeam

Not your average Sunday morning, had to fell this big old hornbeam for a family friend, pretty busy at the moment so yesterday morning was the only time we were both free. Not sure the neighbours were too impressed though as the 880 is not the quietest of saws! 

You can just see the rope going to the tractor we used to pull it over, probably would have gone with just wedges but we had it there to move the wood so seemed silly not to use it

And it did come down with a mighty crunch, its been dead for about 3 years now and was quite happy in the field until it started shedding branches with increasing frequency, and as the fields are let for horse grazing it had to come down

Whilst felling big trees like this is fun, the tidying up after definitely isn't, must of shattered into about a million pieces! luckily for me there were a few people helping with the smaller bits so I could concentrate on the bigger lumps

Unfortunately the trunk was a bit to far gone to warrant milling so instead it got ringed up for firewood, pity really as if we'd done it a couple of years ago would have been an ideal sawlog.