Friday, 6 January 2012


I managed to make a start on a biggish coppicing job today along the banks of a beautiful little brook, would have like to have started earlier in the week but the weather so far hasn't really lent its self to tree felling!

Best part of a weeks work to do here, although I was on my own today doing some of the smaller stuff and clumps of overstood hazel, the plan is to then come back in a couple of weeks with the tractor and winch to get the bigger alders down and out.

Plenty to go at

Some of the work is grant funded, mostly the larger overstood alders, but the farmer has decided he'd like to restore alot of the other coppice stools, partly as he has to fence the field and it'll make his life alot easier and partly because like me he thinks its a shame to see them go unmanaged. Especially as he is the 5th generation in his family to farm this land and its nice to think that we are coppicing stuff that would have been cut by his ancestors.

Some of the hazels are well overdue for coppicing, makes good firewood at least

don't think I could handle an office!

Pretty nice place to spend the day, looking forward to getting back here and cutting some more, but next week I'm in London working at the outdoors show helping to build the worlds biggest indoor zip wire with Go ape, and them I'm off to Rome with my girl friend for a long weekend. They do say variety is the spice of life!