Monday, 30 January 2012

Not your average January

Been a while since my last post, I've had a busy few weeks. We spent a week or so in London working at the Excel centre for Go ape, helping to build and run the worlds largest indoor zipwire for the outdoors show. This was a pretty cool thing to be involved with and the week flew by we were so busy. Very manic though, as anyone whos ever worked at a show will know,  everone is trying to do everything at the same time, so when your running a 500 ft wire cable past all the main access points it does tend to complicate things!

Fortunatelty everything went to plan and we managed to average about 400 people down the zip everyday. I started off taking some photos before realising one of the guys was doing a time lapse of the whole build. So I figured it was easier to show you that instead.

After that was finished and we had packed up (last ones to leave the grounds!) I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Rome with my girlfriend, which was amazing, its such a beautiful city.

Just an average view in rome!

Back to reality this week as I had 4 days coppicing overstood Hazel and Alder along a small brook with my brother. Quite a hard few days as the field was a bit wet and the bank pretty steep in places. With that tacky mud that sticks to everything and makes you about 3" taller!

We had a good 4 days and managed to make a big dent in it, got alot on at the moment and not wanting the firewood to go to waste I spent sunday cutting out cordwood from the piles of hazel we'd winched into the field. This was as well as working saturday freelance climbing for a local firm, taking down some bigish ash trees in a neighbouring village. Think I'll need another holiday soon!

Oh and think I managed to fit in a few loads of firewood at some point

Its that time of year