Monday, 13 February 2012

Ancient yew reduction - Caynham church day 2

I got to work on a beautiful old yew tree on Friday, which would have been a really nice climb, had it not been for the less than ideal conditions. A dusting of snow which melted then refroze coating every branch with a layer of ice. Less than ideal when your doing a 10/15% reduction and having to got out to the tips of every branch.

Before, front view

Before, rear view

Still, with a bit of hard work and alot of scrambling and sliding we managed to get it done.

After, front view

After, rear view
The work is being carried out as part of on going renovations to the church yard, with our pruning being done to the specifications of a tree report that was carried out on the site. The idea with this reduction was to prevent some of the larger limbs from breaking out and damaging the tree further, as well as re balancing the weight of the tree.
We were very pleased with the results and would like to think that its hard to tell the trees been worked on at all. which would have been alot harder had the specification recommended any more than a 15% reduction. This was a fairly sensitive site, with quite a few interested parties, so it was important that the work was subtle and left the tree looking as natural as possible.

That said this isn't a one time fix, trees in high target zones such as a church yard will always need managing and further pruning will be needed at some stage, but hopefully with the slow growth of yew it should be fine for a good few years.