Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Crown raise and a reduction

Had one nice tree and one not so nice tree to work on today. The first was a large walnut tree that kind of dominated the garden, the customer initially wanted the tree out completely, but thinking it was a shame to remove such a stately looking tree I suggested a heavy crown raise which would allow alot more light under the tree as well as reducing the overhang over the garden and yet retain the trees natural form.  



after, from other side

 Whilst the tree is still a dominant feature of the garden, it doesn't completely over shadow the surrounding shrub beds as it did before, needless to say the customer was very happy and didn't want the whole tree down anymore.

The second tree was a bit of a brute, an over sized wild cherry, with a very poor form, the heavy limb on the left leans out towards a neighbours property.


Being in a conservation area, permission was needed for the work we carried out, in my opinion it would have been better to have the tree out completely, as it will never make a particularly nice tree and never have a proper form. unfortunately we couldn't get permission for this so instead had to settle for reducing the limb on the left and removing some of the lower branches.

Whilst not ideal, it has rebalanced the tree significantly, and hopefully abated the problem for a while, hopefully in a couple of years we can apply for permission again the have it out completely and replace it with a more suitable tree.