Thursday, 9 February 2012

Holly and an oak, Caynham Church day 1

Started a biggish job today, spending 4 days in total removing and pruning some trees in a local churchyard. 2 days this week and 2 days next.

First up was this huge (for its species) variegated holly. Definitely the biggest butt on a holly I've ever seen. Unfortunately being so close to the church it had to come down. But at least we managed to get my trailer right next to it to bring it out in a saw log sized lump, so it'll end up on the mill soon.

Next was this dying oak, not a huge tree, but dead trees always make so much mess when they come down.

There probably was space to fell it, but with ancient grave stones and memorials dotted around its sometimes best to do things a bit slower

Plus doing it this way means there is less of an area to tidy up afterwards, as most of the branches can be dropped somewhere near the same place

With the chippings staying on sight the only thing to come away was the logs. Two loads of cord, one from the oak, and one from the holly

As well as one load of saw logs, as the oak was big enough to warrant saving, a slight curve in it but could be quite nice for a rustic bench or two. The one on the floor is the holly, such an amazingly dense wood, it made the hi ab struggle more than the oak, which was a larger diameter.