Thursday, 22 March 2012

Final coppicing job of the season

With spring now upon us I just about had time to fit in one last big coppicing job, lots more overstood Alder and big ugly hazels to do 

 Although the job was made much easier and quicker with a bigger 5 ton winch I've upgraded to, as well as an amazing timber beak my dad fabricated for me. This enabled us to pick up whole trees, carry them to the bonfire, sned them out then move the wood to the timber stack, reducing the amount of dragging we had to do and the amount of mess to tidy up. Its a really solid construction which is great as you don't have to be to timid with it as you do with a muck grab (what I normally have to use)

One of the big jobs of the week was a large dead oak tree. It had been standing dead for a long time, and as the field was going to be fenced it was best to take it down now.

Its always a shame to see a big tree go, but at the same time I do love an excuse to get the big 880 out and there's something very exilerating about knocking over a big tree 

 Having a big tractor on site to move the stuff is very usefull

 As is a big winch!

We had the full plethora of saws with us, especially handy as alot of the old coppice stumps are full of grit and dirt which blunts saws very quickly. So its good to be able to just grab another one and sharpen them all at the end of the day.  

All in all a good weeks work, hard long days but the weather was on our side and no breakages so I was more than pleased with how it went.