Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saw milling and log tongs

Spent a good part of today milling some timber that has been sat on the mill since the beginning of January. Kind of frustrating having the mill sat there and no time to use it. But now the weather is warming up and the firewood has quitened down a fair bit I seem to have a bit more free time.

This was the dawn redwood I got from a job in my local town. Some I cut as flitches for coffee tables and the rest has been quarter sawn for use as timber on a picknick bench I plan on making.

Also today I got to try out my new tractor tongs I made for lifting logs with the hiab. I'd seen some advertised and really wanted some, but couldn't really justify the price tag that seemed to go with them. fortunately my dads got everything you'd need to make something like this and fed up with trying to lift logs with straps and chains I set about making a set.

A couple of evenings worth of work and I was pretty pleased with the result. they work really well and make moving big logs around so much easier and quicker.