Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big Poplars

Finished off a big job this week, Felling 35 or so 100ft poplars. The trees were bordered on one side by some power lines, as well as another set splitting them into two half's, to make life worse we couldn't fell them away from the lines as it was someone else's field.

We came a few weeks ago to clear all the understory and winch over what trees we could into the limited space. We then had to wait a few weeks for the power line company to drop the lines so we could remove the rest of them. They had to do this anyway as part of a line upgrade they are carrying out in the area.

However this did mean that they were dropping the lines for only a few hours as they needed time to put the new ones back up and have the power back on by 5 o'clock.

Fortunately this was just enough time to get all the trees on the deck, we were slightly hampered by the wind and had to winch a few that we could of got away with on a still day.

As soon as the dust settled from the last tree they were up the poles and hooking everything back up leaving us with a giant game of pick up sticks to play the next day.

On any normal job we like to tidy up as we go along so we don't end up with such a mess

Most of the timber needed to be cut into 24ft lengths to be picked up by a lorry at a later date, that meant some seriously heavy pieces of timber. These lumps had virtually no taper on them and we were getting 3x24ft lengths out of each tree. We estimate there is going to be about 3 lorry loads to come away in total.

The winch would only just move some of these
By the end of yesterday we had all the big timber out into the field, just leaving a bit of cord wood to be picked out with the timber trailer. Luckily the farmer is going to deal with the brash.
Job done!