Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Chip box

Spent some time over the weekend working on the "greedy boards" for the side of the new truck
I tacked them in place on the truck to make sure they fit properly

Then fully seem welded them on the ground (saves covering the truck in sparks)

Then a quick sand down and a few coats of paint and the basic frame work is done
I've got some black checkerplate ordered to fill in the gaps, so hoping its going to look pretty smart when its all finished
I've built them light weight and with only one bolt to undo in order to remove them I can still utilise the side tip if need be (as it tips back and to both sides)
I decided to slope them down rather than squared off as it looks better and will stop me overloading it (well in theory anyway)
Although I primarily work with wood I'm always keen to learn new skills, Welding is something I've only been doing 6 months or so, but really enjoy. Although in some respects a fairly simple process there is still quite a steep learning curved to get nice looking solid welds and once you can stick one bit of metal to another there is no limit to the stuff you can make!