Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dead Horse Chestnut

Had to remove a dead horse chestnut and a limb off of a sycamore a couple of weeks ago whilst freelance climbing for a local firm

The trees had been worked on previously by someone claiming to be a "tree surgeon" As you can see the horse chestnut (on the left) was pruned way to hard and unsurprisingly it promptly died.

Someones idea of a reduction
Limb removed from sycamore
The sycamore being the more hardy species fared slightly better, but we still thought it necessary to remove the large lower limb they had inexplicably left going over the road.
Horse chestnut on its way down



We quite often have jobs like this where we are tidying up someone elses handywork. Its a sad fact that there are alot of "qualified" people in this industry who don't know the first thing about whats best for the trees.