Monday, 10 December 2012

Giant Wellingtonia dismantle

Some photos from the first day removing a large dying Giant Wellingtonia. These were taken whilst I was freelancing for another firm.

The tree had one dying limb with a structurally unsound union braced with a rusty old chain. The other 2 limbs had a heavy lean towards the house and the whole trunk leaned slightly that way as well.

Its always a shame when a tree as spectacular as this has to be removed, but at the same time its not very often you get the opportunity to work on something this big so it is good fun!

Before pics^

We first removed all the branches from the 3 separate limbs


This kept most of the mess localised and the branches close to the chipper to make our lives a bit easier

Fortunately we were blessed with enough space to then fell the stem into an adjacent field, with a little added pulling power from a tractor
Just to give you a sense of scale!

I had a tractor trailer load of the best bits to mill. Unfortunately most of the lower trunk is only good for firewood, being riddled with cracks and rot. The main stem split in two as it hit the deck showing the extent of the weakness of the union between the two stems
More pictures to follow