Monday, 10 December 2012

In the woods

Had a good week last week, managed to dodge most of the rain, well mixed blessings really I had to spend a day fixing the truck, but it happened to be the wettest day of the week!

First up, we made a start on a small woodland thinning job that will be on going, as and when I've got time. Only 13 yrs old but has established really nicely. Basically just trying to free up some space in the canopy to allow some of the trees more light.

Also as its all fairly even aged we are going to open up a few patches for replanting to vary the structure and diversity of the wood, be good to get some understory and maybe some more hazel coppice in there.

Had a couple of other fairly unispiring days, but finished the week on a high with a gorgeous crisp sunny day and a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast, cooked in the most traditional of woodsman ways - on a spade, perfect.