Thursday, 26 December 2013

Walnut Reduction

Just a small walnut reduction I carried out in London recently



After (from the other side)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

'Rec' climb

Couple of photos from today, took a couple of guys from work out to build their confidence and practice a few limb walks in a non work pressure environment.

It's good to climb for the sake of it sometimes, not having to worry about time constraints and having to get a job done. Reminds me how much I love climbing trees. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Winter work

Just a few pictures from the last few weeks

A very tricky cedar reduction, unfortunately I've misplaced the after shots, thought I'd share though as it's a stunning tree, that overhung no less than 5 gardens, 3 buildings, and one garage!

My current single rope setup, won't mean much to some of you. I do like my shiney things though! 

Out on a limb - climbing out over a garden in a fallen Lombardy poplar. 

Just a couple of cool shots, I do like the winter light for photos 

More storm damage

Few more pics of the recent storm damage I've been helping clear

A sweet gum that has lost a large limb, heavily unbalancing the tree, which will need to be felled at some point 

Same situation with this large London plane, loosing this size of limb next to a busy main road is essentially a death sentence for a tree like this 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

London storm damage

Last week was definitely a busy one, the winds on Monday may not have been as bad as predicted but certain areas were hit pretty hard. West London inparticular took a battering and gave us plenty to do! Here are a few snaps from the week

Two robinia's down across a small estate road

Twin stemmed sycamore across a couple of gardens, rest of the tree needs to come down at some point

Probably shouldn't have parked there...

Big limb lost from a huge tree of heaven that will no doubt need some rebalancing in the near future 

This Lombardy poplar was especially tricky and involved a lot of head scratching, it was wedged in a leylandii and balanced on the stump/wall as well as being hollow, oh and it was huge! 

Hard to see what's going on here, I'm basically anchored into the leylandii and dismantling the bits of the poplar that were sitting 4-5meters above the neighbours garden! 


Friday, 25 October 2013

Few pics from the last couple of months

Organising the log pile

Sycamore reduction

Horse chestnut fell 

Poplar fell

My new favourite toy

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Too busy to blog

Been a busy few months, so the blog has been a bit neglected. I've been working in London since April, which is definitely a change of scenery from leafy Shropshire/Herefordshire. But trees are trees wherever you go. just takes longer to get anywhere and there's generally more things to avoid!

Like these 2 giant London Plane trees I crown reduced a while back (for Complete Tree Care)

The one was significantly bigger than the other, with both having multiple targets to avoid underneath, but managed to get both done on time and in budget

Still managing to get some jobs done back in Shropshire though.

This oak was one that I reduced about 6 - 7 years ago and has since come back really vigorously. unfortunately it could have done with being reduced about 2 years ago as most of the internal growth points I'd have liked to reduce it too had died off from lack of light. So in order to maintain enough foliage we had to leave quite a lot of the wispy growth you see. the plan is to now let it come back and reduce it by another 30% or so in 2/3 years time, once there is some substantial internal growth to prune it too.

It may look bare at the moment, but this was about 6 weeks ago and I was working next door today and its already put on alot of growth and is looking much greener.