Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Orchard prune

Spent a morning last week (just before the serious snow) pruning this small orchard

Been coming here for 4 - 5 years now (big garden) and every year we take a bit more out of this orchard. Its always important to remember you can't expect instant results with fruit trees, if you cut them too hard one year you end up with twice as much growth the next.

When I first came here these trees were massively overgrown with dense cluttered canopies and all the fruit was way up high where there was no chance of getting to it.

Slowly getting there now though, almost got to the stage where I am happy with the structural growth of the trees and in future years if anything needs doing it will likely just be light trimming and thinning

View of the 'top' of the orchard, nothing going overly skyward