Wednesday, 27 February 2013

All in a days work

Whilst freelancing today we had this awkward ash tree to dismantle, Luckily we had access to both gardens as most of it overhung the neighbours. Although to save double handling everything we tried to make sure all the wood ended up the customers side. 


Kind of a tricky one as the stem had a very heavy lean and most of the limbs were pretty big and with all manor of shrubs and plants underneath most of it had to be lowered.

But despite the awkwardness we were still done and tidied everything away by 5, well apart from the massive pile of logs, but the customer was going to deal with those.

Some of my climbing bits and pieces

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wellingtonia part 2

Kind of forgot that I hadn't posted any follow up photos for the big Wellingtonia we felled just before Christmas, so thought I'd put a few of the stump removal/tidy up

You know its a big stump when you get a digger in to tidy up! I think in the end it was 3 truck loads of grindings.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Leylandii Reduction

We had this Leylandii to try and tidy up today, not the nicest looking thing but its acted as a screen for a new development behind the fence and the customer didn't want to loose it. But it was getting quite straggerly and over grown, with a few branches breaking out in the recent snow.

So we reduced it to a more manageble size and generally tidied it up as best we could.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oak reduction

Had amongst other things this oak reduction to do today,

quite a nice one to do, some overhang on the roadside but wasn't the biggest tree so still fairly straight forward.

Not the best photos I'm afraid

Really pleased with the end shape, nice and even from all angles, and once in leaf the cuts wont be especially obvious

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Alot of climbing

Had a nice a couple of days freelance work this week, doing some big pollards and a bit of crown raising

Part of a high level stewardship scheme we were there purely to cut and climb, no tidying up at all, the perfect job!

It did mean a hard few days though, as the climbing was fairly full on and without having to wait for the groundsman to tidy up between cuts we could get alot done in a day.

With not much of a breather between trees

 nearly there

 Alot of mess on the deck to tidy up
Alot of the trees were around an ancient hill fort, overlooking rural Herefordshire, pretty stunning place to spend a couple of days really.