Thursday, 7 November 2013

London storm damage

Last week was definitely a busy one, the winds on Monday may not have been as bad as predicted but certain areas were hit pretty hard. West London inparticular took a battering and gave us plenty to do! Here are a few snaps from the week

Two robinia's down across a small estate road

Twin stemmed sycamore across a couple of gardens, rest of the tree needs to come down at some point

Probably shouldn't have parked there...

Big limb lost from a huge tree of heaven that will no doubt need some rebalancing in the near future 

This Lombardy poplar was especially tricky and involved a lot of head scratching, it was wedged in a leylandii and balanced on the stump/wall as well as being hollow, oh and it was huge! 

Hard to see what's going on here, I'm basically anchored into the leylandii and dismantling the bits of the poplar that were sitting 4-5meters above the neighbours garden!