Thursday, 30 January 2014

Game of pick up sticks anyone?

This eucalyptus came down over the weekend, yet more storm damage work in London for Complete tree care

Definitely one of the more interesting ones I've had to do. Pretty much hit the green house square on. The guys at the garden centre had cleared a path through and left all the interesting stuff for us. I managed to remove about half of it from the ground/one of the planting tables in the green house, before having to resort to the cherry picker. 

A pretty tricky job that required a bit of thought, working out what was lodged where and what order the stuff needed to be removed, trying to minimise any further damage. Definitely made things interesting working in and over a million shards of broken glass, not one for those of a nervous disposition 

Still all went well in the end, despite the difficulties and endless rain, just the wood to shift tomorrow. think the greenhouse will need some attention now though...

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Blog - ArborTricks

For anyone interested in the more technical side of Arboriculture or the equipment involved, I have started a new blog - ArborTricks

Big oak dismantle

This week whilst working in London I had a fairly large oak tree to dismantle, due to a subsidence claim.

Not a huge crown on it so we managed to have most of it rigged out by mid morning. 
Everything had to be lowered due to a fragile patio underneath and a very wet lawn, so wet in fact that we boarded it out with sheets of ply to avoid damaging it any further 

Once we were down to the stem the real work began, lowering off some pretty big sections 

One of the lowered sections
Until I had it down to about 10 ft, then with a few tyres and a sheet of ply I could drop it in 10" discs

These then had to be quartered to allow for easier handling 

Then all loaded into a powered wheel barrow and taken up two sets of steps and along a bit of an alleyway to the truck at the front of the property. This access is why we didn't try and take it out in larger sections as it was a perfect piece of oak for milling. Sacrilege having to cut it up for firewood really.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Re pollards

Not something I get to do much back in shropshire, definitely more of a city thing

We had these two Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven) to do on friday, had one climber in each tree and two groundies chipping. No before pic sorry, just imagine about 4m of growth coming out of each of those 'knuckles'. 

I kind of think of these as being 'scaffold pollards' where the main structure/framework of the tree remains and the previous 3 - 5 years growth is removed on a cyclical basis. The idea of this is to be able to maintain large full crowned trees safely in built up areas. 

This is different to the agricultural pollards of old where only the main trunk would be kept and the cycle of cutting would be more like 10 - 15 years for trees where firewood/timber was the main incentive or every couple of years with willows etc when fodder/feed for animals was required.  

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Busmans Holiday

Went away for the weekend with my girlfriend and seeing as we happened to be so close (an hour) decided to swing by sherwood forest and check out the Mahor oak and some of the many veteran trees there

It is a pretty impressive tree that photos can't seem to do justice, it has a huge span, with most of its main limbs supported and braced, both into the ground and into the crown. To avoid compaction of its roots by the 500,000 or so visitors per year it has been fenced off and mulched around the base. A privilege to see.

Funnily enough I also stumbled across another veteran tree worthy of the same awe, but one you would never see or hear about in any books. The hotel we stayed in had some large parkland areas and whilst going for a walk we came across this mighty lime

The base of which was huge, larger than any Lime I've ever come across 

It also had a huge spread and incredible height, thats me on the left. 

I think I am going to look into contacting the Ancient tree forum as I believe this one may be a record breaker, certainly worthy of a measure anyway!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ash reduction

Nice simple reduction carried out last week whilst working in London



Nothing too technical with this one, couple of different targets, but all in all quite simple and pretty pleased with the outcome

Monday, 13 January 2014

Eucalyptus fell

Had this Eucalyptus fell to do today, nothing too tricky, Only hard thing was it was the other side of London to the yard, so had a 6 o'clock start to miss the traffic.

Couple of little fruit trees and a patio to avoid 
First half rigged out
Just the last stem/top to remove
Roping out the top

Lots of sawdust to tidy

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Couple of reductions

Saturdays jobs involved a couple of nice reductions, first up was this Beech that had been topper about 5/6 years ago, so was a bit of a challenge to get the shape right and pick the right branches to leave to form the new crown. 

Its hard to tell from the pictures but there is a large sycamore about 10 m behind the tree, so it looks a lot more dense than it actually is. Pretty happy with the outcome and I know when its in leaf it will look nice and natural

Next up was this smallish plum tree, only a very light reduction and slight thin, If you prune fruit trees too hard they have a habit of growing like crazy.


There was also this holly tree to fell, in order to make way for a new conservatory 

All in all a good days work

Monday, 6 January 2014

Another Lawson fell

Just a little job to finish the week off on Friday, this lawson cypress that was going to be blocking the light to some proposed solar panels, and too close to a planned extension, brash and wood left on site. nice and simple.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

More storm work - Elm fell

Another storm damaged tree to fell whilst working in London

This time it was a fairly large Elm (Chinese I think) that had lost a major scaffold limb and was now heavily unbalanced with a large wound close to the base.

A fairly easy fell with only a few targets, I decided to use it as a bit of a training exercise for our second climber that we are training up at the moment. To ensure he wouldn't be working out of his comfort zone I went up and removed the one half of the tree that could of potentially damaged anything.

This then meant he could take his time, practicing proper technique without the burden of pressure to get the job done quickly

The tree was completed safely with no drama and provided some valuable experience.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lawson Cypress fell

Had this monster of a Lawson to fell today, It had lost a good chunk in the winds before Christmas and with the rest of the tree leaning towards the house it needed to come down

Was too wet to get the chipper on site so everything was stacked up for a bonfire instead, huge garden so luckily they are not short on space.

All the timber cut for firewood and left on site. Contrary to popular belief this stuff actually makes pretty good firewood given a year or 2 to season (on a wood burner, too spitty for an open fire) and they wont be short of any for a while, there was a lot in this tree

Forgot to take a picture at the end for some reason
Its been a nice sunny day, something we've had too few of lately. A good days work to start off the new year