Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Big oak dismantle

This week whilst working in London I had a fairly large oak tree to dismantle, due to a subsidence claim.

Not a huge crown on it so we managed to have most of it rigged out by mid morning. 
Everything had to be lowered due to a fragile patio underneath and a very wet lawn, so wet in fact that we boarded it out with sheets of ply to avoid damaging it any further 

Once we were down to the stem the real work began, lowering off some pretty big sections 

One of the lowered sections
Until I had it down to about 10 ft, then with a few tyres and a sheet of ply I could drop it in 10" discs

These then had to be quartered to allow for easier handling 

Then all loaded into a powered wheel barrow and taken up two sets of steps and along a bit of an alleyway to the truck at the front of the property. This access is why we didn't try and take it out in larger sections as it was a perfect piece of oak for milling. Sacrilege having to cut it up for firewood really.