Thursday, 23 January 2014

Busmans Holiday

Went away for the weekend with my girlfriend and seeing as we happened to be so close (an hour) decided to swing by sherwood forest and check out the Mahor oak and some of the many veteran trees there

It is a pretty impressive tree that photos can't seem to do justice, it has a huge span, with most of its main limbs supported and braced, both into the ground and into the crown. To avoid compaction of its roots by the 500,000 or so visitors per year it has been fenced off and mulched around the base. A privilege to see.

Funnily enough I also stumbled across another veteran tree worthy of the same awe, but one you would never see or hear about in any books. The hotel we stayed in had some large parkland areas and whilst going for a walk we came across this mighty lime

The base of which was huge, larger than any Lime I've ever come across 

It also had a huge spread and incredible height, thats me on the left. 

I think I am going to look into contacting the Ancient tree forum as I believe this one may be a record breaker, certainly worthy of a measure anyway!