Thursday, 30 January 2014

Game of pick up sticks anyone?

This eucalyptus came down over the weekend, yet more storm damage work in London for Complete tree care

Definitely one of the more interesting ones I've had to do. Pretty much hit the green house square on. The guys at the garden centre had cleared a path through and left all the interesting stuff for us. I managed to remove about half of it from the ground/one of the planting tables in the green house, before having to resort to the cherry picker. 

A pretty tricky job that required a bit of thought, working out what was lodged where and what order the stuff needed to be removed, trying to minimise any further damage. Definitely made things interesting working in and over a million shards of broken glass, not one for those of a nervous disposition 

Still all went well in the end, despite the difficulties and endless rain, just the wood to shift tomorrow. think the greenhouse will need some attention now though...