Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lawson Cypress fell

Had this monster of a Lawson to fell today, It had lost a good chunk in the winds before Christmas and with the rest of the tree leaning towards the house it needed to come down

Was too wet to get the chipper on site so everything was stacked up for a bonfire instead, huge garden so luckily they are not short on space.

All the timber cut for firewood and left on site. Contrary to popular belief this stuff actually makes pretty good firewood given a year or 2 to season (on a wood burner, too spitty for an open fire) and they wont be short of any for a while, there was a lot in this tree

Forgot to take a picture at the end for some reason
Its been a nice sunny day, something we've had too few of lately. A good days work to start off the new year