Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Meanwhile back in Shropshire...

In what seems like the driest its been since early December last year we've managed to squeeze in a couple of coppicing jobs.

Its getting a touch late in the season for coppicing now, but the winter has been so wet with so few opportunities to travel across the fields we've had to make do and hopefully we'll manage to squeeze in a couple more yet, so long as it stays dry…

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Big pop fell - part 2

Just  a few pics of us finishing off the big poplar fell from earlier in the week

Quite a lot of timber from this one, and a long garden with tight access meant a lot of trips with thte sack truck and wheel barrow

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Big pop fell

Another Big fell for Complete Tree Care

This ones been on the cards for awhile now, It got pollarded about 18 months ago, before it was decided felling would be a better course of action. This was started before the last batch of storms and its taken until now for us to get back here. 

How it looked first thing this morning
Only half a dozen metres from one of the main overground lines into central london, this needed to come down in a controlled fashion

Getting there...


Now just a lot of timber to shift, still not bad for a days work. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Swamp Cypress Dismantle

Another Big fell completed for Complete Tree Care this week

Not an especially common tree, I can't honestly say I've worked on one of these before. This one was pretty big, and unfortunately due to a subsidence claim the tree had to be removed

Another good job for the Stein lowering bollard 

A fairly tricky dismantle as the patio underneath was quite fragile and wouldn't of taken much of a knock to do some serious damage, so 80% of the tree was rigged down, with the upper stem being brought down in the sort of size pieces you can see above. 

Still we managed to get it down to the main stem by the end of the first day.


Once you get a stem like this to a certain point the diameter is too large to make it time effective to lower as due to the increased weight you have to do it in pretty small sections, so we then do what I call 'discing it down' where its cut into 8 - 10" discs and dropped onto our makeshift crash mat compiled of a load of tyres on top of a couple of layers of logs. You'd be amazed at how effective this is and how much of the force the tyres absorb.

All done, then just had to wait for the grab lorry to pick up the timber

It frequently works out much cheeper to hire in a grab lorry than make multiple trips in our comparatively small van.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Not so fun

Had this large wind blown leylandii to clear earlier in the week (for Complete Tree Care)
It pretty much filled the garden and the one behind had to come down as well. the best part was that there was no rear access to the garden, meaning it all had to go through the house…

Thats a lot of trips and a lot of bags full of brash, luckily we had 4 of us on it and managed to get both finished in 2 days, very hard work and quite painstaking but with no other cost effective way it had to be done.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Birch Reduction

Another nice little reduction undertaken for Complete Tree Care in a very sunny Richmond today



(Awkward little garden to get a good photo from this angle!)

Very happy with the outcome as it still looks very natural and once in leaf you'll hardy know its been touched, needless to say the customers were very happy. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Some recent jobs

Just a few more pics of some jobs completed for Complete Tree Care in London

This was a pretty big Lombardy poplar to fell as it had a large cavity and extensive decay at the base

Note the cherry picker at the base that I used for about 10 minutes before deciding it was woefully inadequate and only reached 3/4 way up the tree

Below is a fairly straight forward Leylandii dismantle

A green house and a few other obstacles below but nothing too difficult.
This was a nice little job with a couple of simple fells, firstly a leggy eucalyptus
 And a small twisted willow
This was a good practice tree for our trainee climber