Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Swamp Cypress Dismantle

Another Big fell completed for Complete Tree Care this week

Not an especially common tree, I can't honestly say I've worked on one of these before. This one was pretty big, and unfortunately due to a subsidence claim the tree had to be removed

Another good job for the Stein lowering bollard 

A fairly tricky dismantle as the patio underneath was quite fragile and wouldn't of taken much of a knock to do some serious damage, so 80% of the tree was rigged down, with the upper stem being brought down in the sort of size pieces you can see above. 

Still we managed to get it down to the main stem by the end of the first day.


Once you get a stem like this to a certain point the diameter is too large to make it time effective to lower as due to the increased weight you have to do it in pretty small sections, so we then do what I call 'discing it down' where its cut into 8 - 10" discs and dropped onto our makeshift crash mat compiled of a load of tyres on top of a couple of layers of logs. You'd be amazed at how effective this is and how much of the force the tyres absorb.

All done, then just had to wait for the grab lorry to pick up the timber

It frequently works out much cheeper to hire in a grab lorry than make multiple trips in our comparatively small van.