Saturday, 4 October 2014

Big Plane prune away

Quite a lot of urban tree work happens because of the proximity of the trees to buildings and structures. As a result of this we often get jobs where the spec is to 'prune away by x amount of metres' These kind of jobs are never very fun, and never really end up looking very natural as you are often only working on one side or part of the tree.

So when this one came up I assumed it was another run of the mill prune away. Until I actually saw the tree.
That's a 3 section ladder, to give you an idea of scale

The spec on this one was to reduce from the building and reduce the overhang as much as feasible.

Quite a tricky climb that required a lot of rigging, the tree was so high we had to tie two rigging ropes together to actually be able to lower the branches to the ground!