Sunday, 18 January 2015

Horse Chestnut take down

Got called in to help a couple of friends with a biggish job they'd picked up.

I was just there for the day with the goal of getting the tree down in a day, as the guys were coming back the following day to split the remaining wood and tidy up.

It was quite alot of tree to get down in one day

And although there was a clear drop zone, the ground was quite wet and the lawn tidy, so we still had to rigg about 70% of the brash and larger diameter timber 

Chipped all the brash, luckily this way staying on site, just had to be tipped at the bottom of a rough bit of ground, the landy earning its keep again

Finished for the day, started with the sun coming up and finishing up as it was going down

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dead Lawson Fell

Had this large dead Lawson cypress to fell just before Christmas

A little tricky as it was right next to a road and within a few metres of some power lines 

It was multi stemmed and we managed to fell a few of the smaller stems before dismantling the largest stem 

knocked about 20ft out of the top when there was a lull in the wind 

With that the tree felt a bit safer (it had been dead for a while) and I could then dismantle the rest down to about 15ft 

Then fell the stem away from the road

Just the chipping left to do...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter Work

Spent a weekend before Christmas helping out a couple of friends and some jobs of there own they had on

First up was a fairly straight forward leylandii fell, only made tricky by the sheer volume of wood chip, good job most of it was staying on site

Next was a huge oak to remove a couple of large limbs overhanging some chicken sheds

With the limbs removed the tree can now be felled away from the sheds, but probably won't happen until the field behind has dried out a bit

Definitely a land centric weekend, My 130, Alex's 110 and Jamie's 90