Tree Services

Services Available

- Reductions/pruning - Anything from formative pruning of young garden trees to full crown reductions of mature trees, all work is always carried out with the trees natural form in mind.

- Crown thinning - Often a more viable and sustainable alternative to a crown reduction; a percentage of the trees internal canopy is removed without drastically altering the form of the tree, whilst enabling more light to penetrate and reducing the effect of wind on the canopy

- Tree Removal - The dismantling and felling of unwanted or dangerous trees, often carried out in confined spaces, the up most care is always taken to ensure the preservation of property.

- Pollarding/coppicing - Certain species of tree can have a seemingly more drastic approach to their management, this involves cutting the tree back to approximately 2 - 4m or ground level (pollard/coppice) on a rotation of 3 - 15 years (dependant on size, species location etc.)

- Site clearance - The clearance of sites for development and re-landscaping

- Tree planting - With recommendations of suitable species for all situations and the option of a full aftercare service

- Mobile saw milling - Often the trees removed from your garden can be planked and used to make something that will last generations and serve as a memento of the tree from your garden, this obviously depends on the size and species of the tree, see the associated page for more details: Rustic Creations

- Hedge management - From trimming to reductions

- Woodland management

- Firewood - Locally sourced hardwood,  available in bulk bags or larger quantities

A little about me
I have been working as an arborist since 2004, working full time for a local firm for 3 years before redundancy forced me to become self employed. I then spent several years freelance climbing for a range of tree companies which has enabled to gain alot of experiance in all aspects of tree work. 

In 2008 I completed a HNC in woodland management and Arboriculture, this gave me the theory behind the practical work, and coupled with my passion for trees and woodlands enables me to offer a complete service from advising customers to the best course of action to completing the most difficult of tree jobs.